Keep Billy Casper Golf At Falmouth Country Club - Letter

I have played golf at Falmouth Country Club at least once a week (except for winters in Florida) for the last 15 years. Since the town purchased the course, and Billy Casper Golf (BCG) took over management 10 years ago, the condition of the course has improved every year. I have been told (although it is only hearsay) that after their first five years of managing and improving the course, BCG offered to renovate the clubhouse if given a 10-year contract.  However, they were only awarded another five-year contract, so that did not happen (although they did air condition the clubhouse).  Nonetheless, they have continued to improve the course every year.

Now I have read in the August 22 Enterprise that the town has put out an RFP for a 10- to15-year contract and that BCG is ONE of the many bidders. Worse yet, Matt Burgess, the current BCG club manager, was subjected to overseeing a course tour for the bidders which, although “a number of other firms have also expressed interest,” was only attended by two other bidders.

Can we please dispense with the formalities and award a long-term contract to BCG, who has proven their worth over the last 10 years? I fear we will alienate them and they will walk away.

John R. Quesnel
Shaker Lane
East Falmouth


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