Modify Immigration Rules - Letter

Immigration? Do we need it? No!

1) We are not at zero percent unemployment yet.

2) We already have a flawed system, erratically enforced by our own government for years which has rendered immigration “broken.”

3) As presently enforced it will bankrupt us in a short period of time. The latest influx of illegal aliens from Central America has brought the problem to a head.

4) The cry for foreign workers to fill the high-tech jobs of the 21st century because our local people aren’t up to the task is the latest “suggestion” from the liberals seeking open borders. Hard to believe, when we are a country that produced the airplane, transistor, light bulb, and thousands of other inventions the world enjoys today, all by our homegrown innovators.

Should we have immigration?

Yes, but, with newer, modified rules to suit the country of today. We are a long way from the 1700s or 1800s when we were a rapidly expanding country that needed an army of diverse and capable people to build and settle the new land. The early films of the immigrants entering Ellis Island with fear, awe, joy on their faces always impressed me. They came to work and raise families and build a nation envied by the world. They had a sponsor and a job arranged by friends or family. There was no welfare system, food stamps, EBT cards, and assisted housing.  

The open border proponents like to say “We are all immigrants.” I was born here as were my father and mother. I am an American as are millions more of us and proud of that fact.

Which brings us to the latest group of freeloaders who decided to park on our doorstep like beggars and depend on our good nature and compassion to take care of them without question. They created a “humanitarian crisis” where it didn’t exist. The corrupt government of Mexico should have stopped it before it got started.

But there’s a twist. They had to ride in on the coattails of a small group of innocent children. The “children” probably only comprise 10 percent of this group. It’s doubtful the children were in “extreme” danger where they were.

The 1,800-mile trek across Mexico with unsavory characters would seem bigger. What kind of parents would subject their children to this?

“It’s for the children.” Sound familiar? It should. It’s the liberals’ mantra whenever they want to get an unpopular policy through. Unfortunately, it is about the children who have become pawns in this game. Their government has exploited them in order to extort more money from benevolent Uncle Sam, their parents looking for the free ride, the coyotes and drug runners for cash and to keep our law enforcement distracted, and, finally, Barack Obama to convert our country to a third world nation.

The selectmen were doing their job. I commend them. They’re looking out for Bourne against a corrupt administration that has broken more laws and shredded our Constitution beyond belief. Yes, take care of the kids, but send them back as soon as possible.

Richard M. Menkello
Puritan Road
Buzzards Bay


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