More On Immigration - Letter

P.S. to author's Modify Immigration Rules letter

To the compassionates, stop treating these children as if they were orphans.

We’ve been sending millions of dollars for years to our Mexican “friends” to help train their military and law enforcement troops to fight the drug cartels. Evidently it’s not working too good when the cartels and coyotes moved thousands of people across Mexico without a single apprehension. At the same time the Mexican government has been relentless in their prosecution of an American ex-GI who got lost due to faulty signs a few miles from the border. A stern call from our illustrious president should have righted this wrong, but he was too busy on the golf course.

As for the “freeloaders,” they have plenty of help from relatives and friends already here to help them plug into our Democratic party’s welfare system, and activist Hispanic groups like La Raza who like to tell the new arrivals our Southwest is actually part of Mexico which was stolen by the evil US.

You can be sure on voting day, ACORN and the Democratic party buses will pick up the “uninformed” voters, give them some kind of “freebie” and send them home fat, dumb and happy as they’ll ever be.

Richard M. Menkello
Puritan Road
Buzzards Bay


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