Need Support For Clark Proposal - Letter

I write to urge our board of selectmen to award the town property in South Sandwich to the Clark Group, and to further cooperate with them to help make their plan for youth athletic tournament and training facilities successful.

We must take advantage of this unique opportunity to attract young athletes and their families to Sandwich—tourism is good for Sandwich. While they are here, they will be customers of local businesses. You must recognize the strength of this group:

Sports: Dan Duquette Sports Academy, based in Hinsdale, is a successful business model that can work in Sandwich. Mr. Duquette offers high profile exposure from the world of professional sports.

Real Estate Development: Boston Global Investors, is a major real estate development company, redeveloping the Seaport District in Boston, among other large projects.

Energy: The owner of our canal power plant, NRG, a publicly held $10 billion company, has agreed to partner with this effort and allow development of sports facilities on some of its land at the marina. NRG deepening its commitment to Sandwich is a huge win for our town.

Fellow citizens of Sandwich, if you are in agreement with the above statement, please sign our online petition at:

Catherine M. Thomas
Shawme Road


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