NStar's Disregard For Nature

Over the last several years there has been a successful osprey nest on a telephone pole along Quaker Road to the southwest of the bridge crossing over Mashapaquit Creek. Everyday I looked forward to seeing the ospreys with their huge nest, to seeing the progress of their young, and to following the details of their daily activities. This past winter the telephone pole that had supported the osprey nest was taken down and replaced. I hoped that the ospreys would return and begin the task of rebuilding again this spring.


A few weeks ago I was happy to see that the osprey couple had returned. They were sitting on bare wood supports at the top of the pole and, a few days later, began to build their nest again. Over the past several weeks they made steady progress. On Thursday last week I noticed several NStar trucks had blocked off part of the part of the road by the nest. Many people were taking photos as the ospreys brought a large clump of grasses and twigs back to their nest. I thought they must be documenting the success of the ospreys in rebuilding their nest on the new pole. However, later that day when I passed by again I was shocked to see the nest gone and in its place a black plastic pipe/bird deterrent device! I realized that after taking pictures of the beautiful ospreys and nest, the NStar employees had intentionally destroyed the nest and installed a device to stop the ospreys from building again. What is the possible justification for destroying this active and successful nest? Is this how NStar treats any wildlife that might possibly interfere with its operations? When I pass this location with its now vacant, black plastic bird deterrent topped pole I will be reminded of the blatant disregard for nature I witnessed today. And I will hope that the osprey couple finds a new place to build their nest and raise their young this year.

Loren L. Kellogg
Little Island Road
West Falmouth


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