Paving Paradise - Letter

The day before the 4th…we gloried in the book sale and stocked up at the market. We popped over to Burger King for lunch as we headed to Cataumet. It used to be kind of pleasant to sit in the shade of those trees along the side as you ate and watched a little bit of Teaticket life.

Not any more! It’s a hot swath of pavement…a parking lot with no shade. Down the hill at the mall there are some short trees…no shade. We decided to head north and pull over under a tree for our lunch. We aimed for the colonel’s place on Sandwich Road where we found the stand gone and the shade tree in front cut down.

So we’ve been doing a parking lot look-about, searching for shade and checking out the landscape on our many parking lots. There’s some shade at Peg Noonan and town hall and Marina Park. There’s some shade at CVS but I think that will be stripped out…all those tall cherry trees and the fir tree. The stakes are out. What will happen to the trees along the front and sides of the Davis house?

A couple of the street trees at Stop & Shop have orange tags. They’ve finally planted a few trees on two sides of the car lot on Dillingham…but not the gas station side of the lot which you can see from Spring Bars. I hope they’re shade trees. There are no trees at all around the Dillingham/Spring Bars intersection.

There are no trees on the Island Queen lot on Scranton or the Raw Bar or Windfall. There’s one tree on the former motel lot that opens up to the lot on the Heights Road. There are no trees on the St. Patrick’s lot. There’s a lot of uninterrupted asphalt around our neighborhood.

And now, some mysterious developers want to tear down two modest cottages that have been on Nye Road since the 1920s, strip the lot of vegetation and make a parking lot. They will cut down the clump of old cedars and remove the green border buffering Main. They want to cut down another street tree. They don’t even want to maintain the grassy strip.

Another parking lot! Isn’t there a song about that? What are we thinking?!?

Leslie McDonald
Queen Street


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