People Need Protection, Too - Letter

I wish to commend the Town of Falmouth for its swift action in erecting protective barriers to save the nesting piping plovers at the Trunk River beach. It is my fervent hope the same initiative is taken by the town to maintain the fire hydrants throughout the town so us citizens don’t become extinct due to fire. I clearly remember not long ago that the town maintained our hydrants. Why has this action ceased?

I remember watching the Quissett Harbor Boat Yard burning down because only one out of three hydrants were operable. Not long before that a home in Gansett burned to the ground as only one out of four hydrants worked. I implore the selectmen and town manager to remedy this tragedy waiting to happen. Safety should be a primary concern to town officials. Maybe if we kept piping plovers in our homes this situation would be remedied without delay.

Roland E. Beliveau Jr.
Woods Hole Road


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