Proposed Project Is Much Too Large - Letter

I have been following in the local papers the story of the possible development of apartments, restaurants and a hotel with conference center on Perry Avenue. I have not attended any meetings so any information I have is based on these stories. As I started reading I thought this couldn’t be a project that our “people in charge” would be in favor of as the village of Buzzards Bay is a small, rural village with one main street and already a lot of traffic. But as I read further I was horrified to realize that most are in favor of this to save Bourne through receiving the tax revenues.

The extent of this development with 1,000 parking spaces and a height of 80 feet is overwhelming. A skyscraper in Buzzards Bay. This is just too massive a project for a small village.

First of all, imagine the traffic on a nice summer Saturday in July with 1,000 more cars added to Main Street. Traffic is already backed up all the way down Main Street, the bypass, and Head of the Bay Road. Looks like we won’t be going anywhere. And what about when there is a hurricane? What happens to those 1,000 cars in the flood zone, some of which are parked in subsurface parking? And what about a fire? Do we have equipment that reaches that high? Who pays for that?

Secondly, the whole sewage issue is very scary. The developer would like the sewer commissioners to just for now allow him 30,000 gallons and then figure it out later as to what to do with the rest. So once the project gets underway the town will be under pressure to figure out what to do with the rest. At that point the town can’t be the bad guys and not help out to finish the rest of the project. I don’t believe a town should ever permit a part of a plan without the whole plan being figured out at the same time. 

I urge all involved to think beyond the dollar signs and don’t destroy the small village of Buzzards Bay. The village does need something but this is way too massive a project in such a small, congested area.  Please don’t make Buzzards Bay the sacrificial lamb for the rest of the town to get more revenue. Welcome to the City of Buzzards Bay.

Susan J. Weston
Head of the Bay Road
Buzzards Bay


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