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Mr. Conron [“Meeting Law Violations Alleged,” The Bourne Enterprise, August 15] while seeking his view of justice, seems not to want to tolerate others. He can ask for clarification of laws, yet people do have freedom of speech and assembly and selectmen can vote to reject what they perceive as fiscally and “potentially burdensome” and not be pressured, and can be suspect of higher officials and their past track records. Surely those against illegal immigration aren’t all cold hearted. I know, I know, nobody called anyone this or was it only implied?

The Enterprise had a great article on the kayaker Deborah K. Walters and her journey to support the Guatemalan children. God bless her! Maybe we can check the website and give as able. I do not have cable and I am unable to attend meetings, hence the paper lends the balance of news that is Bourne’s business.

If over the years regarding schooling the federal government hadn’t promised Bourne fair compensation and paid in a timely manner—which it elected many times not to do—then maybe opinions would be different. Or similarly if the governor, who ran on lowering property taxes, told the truth and tried, maybe some may have had a better opinion. Guess only God knows!

Richard D. Buguey
Waterhouse Road


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