Sewer Commissioners And Buzzards Bay - Letter

After watching the exchange between the sewer commissioners at Tuesday’s allocation meeting, it might be time to ask the Bourne residents how they feel about revitalizing Buzzards Bay. The solution to this question could be a simple non-binding referendum on the November ballot.

The referendum question might be worded: “Would you vote to approve an override that raises your taxes in order to build a sewer treatment plant to increase treatment capacity in order to support the revitalization Buzzards Bay? Posing this question, allows residents to voice their opinion on the age-old statement, “If we build it,, they will come.”

Tuesday’s commissioners’ opinions and discussions were filled with what I consider hearsay (i.e. “People have told me.......”, “I received e-mails that said........”).

I feel it is time to get some solid factual data on how the townspeople want to spend tax dollars. In my opinion, financial needs and investments should be based on quantifiable data collection.

Richard W. Conron
Mashnee Road


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