Support For Selectman Pannorfi

On May 8 we will have the opportunity to protect our beautiful town of Sandwich by making sure the right person is elected to the board of selectmen.

I write in support of Frank Pannorfi who is seeking re-election as selectman for our community. I have known Frank for over a decade, having worked with him on community matters and by observing him as a volunteer for many organizations as well as selectman, serving all of us.


Frank is a three-term elected selectman. The community has chosen him as one of the “Town Fathers” each of these times, and for good reason. Earning our trust, respect for his commitment, integrity, knowledge and intellect, Frank is a man who has dedicated himself to public service, representing all of us. He is known for his tough minded, no nonsense approach to dealing with the challenges before our community and he has served us well.

This election is a critical point for our wonderful community. We need to continue the strong leadership that Frank has brought to the position. I therefore ask you join me in support of Frank’s re-election and to do so by voting for him.

Sometimes people think their single vote won’t matter and they decide to sit out on election day. In a local election where there aren’t several hotly contested races, your vote could very well make the difference. Please join me by coming out to vote for Frank Pannorfi on Thursday, May 8, and help me ensure that our interests will continue to be protected.

Lisa Perry
127 Main Street


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