Support Sewer Expansion

Through hard work and a boatload of common sense, Falmouth’s Water Quality Management Committee has charted a steady and achievable course for cleaning up the nitrogen loading that has transformed our estuaries from being sparkling jewels to polluted liabilities in a few short decades. The plan, embodied in Article 28 at the April 7 Town Meeting and in Falmouth’s innovative overall wastewater management plan, expands sewers in the dense areas around Little Pond where they are absolutely necessary. It will deploy alternatives where studies show they can be successful in removing nitrogen. Because of careful planning, this will not raise taxes. FACES (which will be changing its name to Falmouth Water Stewards to reflect its broad mission to protect and restore all of Falmouth’s waters) has since 1995 been promoting concrete steps to reduce Falmouth’s nitrogen pollution. By supporting Article 28, Town Meeting can take clear, sensible and affordable action to clean up our precious coastal waters.

Christopher Neill
Former president, FACES
Marvin Circle


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