Town Neck Toilets Are Awful - Letter

I read with interest the column about “Where’s the Bathroom?” in The Sandwich Enterprise.  I’ll tell you where there are two of them—they’re at Town Neck Beach. They are two of the dirtiest Porta Pottys I’ve ever seen. My wife and I were there this Fourth of July weekend. The parking lot was full. I estimate 200 cars in the lot. There was no toilet paper in either unit. Both units were full to within six inches at the top of the toilet. We said, maybe it’s because of the number of people.

Well, we went back last week, August 1. Same exact problem. There were people who paid $15 to get into the beach. I talked with a couple of guys who couldn’t believe the conditions. They were on vacation and said they hadn’t seen anything like this anywhere else. There is trash all around the units. I also spent about 20 minutes picking up trash on the beach—bottles, cans, red cups, et cetera. I had just come from town hall, paying my taxes. It’s kind of sad. There must be something that can be done to correct this.

Lee W. Gibbons
Cotuit Road
South Sandwich


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