Town Of Bourne Should Help - Letter

After one of the most devastating winters along the Bourne coastline, the waterfront property owners along Indian Trail in Sagamore Highlands are facing some serious erosion problems. Some of the homes have only 10 feet before the house goes toppling over the bluff.

The homeowners need the cooperation of the town to permit the necessary repairs to secure the bluff, which will be paid for 100 percent by the homeowners.

When similar erosion threatened the stretch of homes along Sagamore Road and Phillips Road last year, permits were granted and the work successfully completed at the homeowners’ expense.

We are asking nothing more. It makes environmental sense to secure the bluff and prevent the houses from falling onto the pristine beach. The technology is available to make this feasible. The town has permitted repairs to the stairs in Sagamore Highlands at the homeowners’ expense in the past. It was good for the town and it was good for the community.

The Town of Bourne cannot afford to lose tax revenue by wasting expensive real estate because they sat on their hands and let nature take its course. All taxpayers have a right to protect their property.

Barbara Doran Sullivan
Sagamore Road
Sagamore Beach


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