'Tree Hugger Hell' - Letter

I always enjoyed my drive down Dillingham Avenue, taking the shortcut between Gifford Street and Route 28, the most memorable portion being the view to the right, while driving past the one last undeveloped corner lot, well mowed, yet still heavily wooded with numerous, beautifully healthy locust and cedar  trees. I always wondered what the future home there would look like, nestled amongst all those beautiful trees.

But this past Memorial Day, taking that same memorable shortcut, I was instead horrified to see that every single one of those magnificent trees had been hacked off, leaving nothing but tall stumps (for easier, future root removal, I assumed), all at the same height, looking so similar to several days-old beard stumble, but now upon the face of the earth.

The rows and columns of stumps reminded me of my visit to the Massachusetts National Cemetery earlier that morning, seeing all the individual United States flags, placed at every veteran’s grave, melding into the distance to form a blanket of flowing red, white, and blue, up, over, and around the meticulously landscaped hillsides.

But instead of that somber tribute to our country’s soldiers I witnessed earlier in the day, the scene now before me was instead surely tree-hugger hell. All those previous visions I had pondered of that beautiful, future home and wooded lot, were now vanquished by some unknown, seemingly inept owner, probably seeking short-term profit from lumber and firewood, instead of understanding the value of the long term, most admirable solution of living amid paradise (at least as seen by this previously jealous but now disgusted Falmouth resident).

Thomas A. Saudade
Tanglewood Drive
East Falmouth


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