Turbine Story Has Many Layers - Letter

George E. LeRoy wrote, “The Energy Committee chose to erect clean, quiet wind turbines on the town’s open space land to reduce costs at the sewer plant (the Enterprise, August 15, 2014).” There is more to the story.

The Energy Committee’s first proposal to Town Meeting was to erect one small, clean, quiet wind turbine, just like the one small, clean, quiet wind turbine in Hull. After that successful field trip, the state barged into the process and offered Falmouth two industrial-size turbines that no one else wanted. These two monster turbines came with a pleasant state subsidy and an attractive revenue projection.

Town Meeting bought the state’s offer without doing enough homework or even asking enough hard questions. Now we are all suffering buyer’s remorse. We should not blame the victims for our mistake.

We certainly should not add insults to the injuries our turbines are inflicting on the victims.

Judith G. Stetson
Quissett Avenue
Woods Hole


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