Turf Field Defeat

As a senior living here in Falmouth, it was very disappointing to me to see such a good thing to benefit our student-athletes go down to such a crushing defeat. It appears the writer of Question 3 wanted it to happen with no explanation other than 1.6 plus million dollar cost to the town with no mention of what the projected one tax year increase would be. Also there was no mention that the Falmouth Road Race Committee would donate $500,000 or any long term benefits in maintenance/upkeep to a turf field versus a natural green field.

Do Falmouth residents understand that the Falmouth High School student-athlete that plays football/baseball must travel three miles to Fuller Field to get to their practice/game field—how do they get there? Also there must be a duplication of trainers that must take care of the players at both the high school fields on Gifford Road and Fuller Field during the fall/spring seasons.


As Ms. Burke, the athletic director, indicated, Falmouth High School is at a serious disadvantage in facilities as compared to their other competitors on the Cape/South Shore. Does the school committee/town leadership/finance committee really care other than saving a few taxes dollars in a community with an already low real estate tax rate. Maybe they should also ask the question do marginal school athletic facilities have an effect on the decreasing high school enrollment—are parents sending their children to other private schools as a result on some inferior school facilities or just not moving here when comparing facilities with other communities.

Another item: has any town official ever bothered to go Fuller Field late in the morning in the spring/fall to see the number of Canada geese on the field doing what geese do—I’m sure the board of health might take issue if they had to run/fall through the mine fields. 

In conclusion, I want to thank Mr. Duffany and his committee for their hard work to benefit our student athletes with good facilities.

James P. McDevitt
Nursery Road


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