Vote To Save Hoxie

At Bourne Town Meeting on Monday, May 5, Article 23 will provide an opportunity for the people of Bourne to support the goal of restoring the Ella F. Hoxie Elementary School, formerly the Sagamore Grammar School, to develop a vibrant cultural resource for the benefit of the people of the Town of Bourne and surrounding communities.


This unique building is more than 100 years old, with significant historical, cultural and community interest in Bourne. Many people in the town have fond memories of their time spent at the school.

The Hoxie Center at Sagamore Beach for Art, Science, Education and Culture, Inc. is important as a place where all generations can come together and learn from each other, a place where people all across town can engage in activities, which may include youth dances, performances, classroom learning, technology and history rooms, canal and marine life collaboration, conferences and possibly even a satellite library.

The Hoxie Center Committee welcomes your suggestions at

Save Hoxie and vote yes on Article 23 at Town Meeting, May 5, at 7 PM at Bourne High School.

Barbara V. Fitzmaurice
Hoxie Center Committee


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