Why Rush Little Pond Sewer?

At this Town Meeting we will be asked to vote on the largest building project so far, but we don’t even know for sure what it will cost! There is a guesstimate of $41 million or about $26,000/homeowner. Article 27 asks us to vote for the homeowner to pay 70 percent and the town 30 percent of the cost, but since we don’t know the price yet we are asking our Little Pond neighbors to pay 70 percent of something at an unknown interest (0 to 5 percent) and for an unknown number of years (20 to 30). Would you advise a friend to take out a mortgage if they didn’t know the price, interest rate or for how long they would have to pay?


Many believe sewering is inevitable, but the fact is we don’t know. There is no requirement to sewer only to clean up the estuaries, and even after we have built this new sewer for an unknown cost, it still will not lower the nitrogen to the required levels in Little Pond so the town will have to invest even more to help with that. Contrary to what we were told at the last Town Meeting we could have changed the word “sewer” to “wastewater” and still have gotten funding, allowing other “alternatives” to be used. What else might we be able to do? Why do we need to rush? Let’s at least wait until we have a final figure on this project, and see if our $2 million investment in alternatives works. Act in haste, repent.... well Falmouth has had experience along these lines before, do we want to do it again?

Leslie R. Lichtenstein
Boxberry Hill Road


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