2014 Winter Photo Contest

PHOTO COURTESY LISA JO RUDY - The CapeNews.net winter photo contest winner is this shot "marooned in sea ice" by Lisa Jo Rudy.PHOTO COURTESY KIMBERLY FERNANDES - Monument BeachPHOTO COURTESY MILT WILLIAMSON - "Frost on Window"PHOTO COURTESY JAMIE WOODWARD - Jan 22 650 am 3 degress Fahrenheit,maravista boat ramp ,Falmouth ma morning after snow stormPHOTO COURTESY MILT WILLIAMSON - "Clearing After New Snow"PHOTO COURTESY LISA JO RUDY - ice shellsPHOTO COURTESY JANET WALTON - Green snow covered door in CatumetPHOTO COURTESY MILT WILLIAMSON - "Birds in Storm"PHOTO COURTESY LISA JO RUDY - surf drivePHOTO COURTESY CHELSEA CROWLEY - Horse in the snow in SandwichPHOTO COURTESY CHELSEA CROWLEY - Walking along the tracks in SandwichPHOTO COURTESY JANET WALTON - Monument Beach Polar Plunge 2014PHOTO COURTESY PETER COOK - Flag flying above a frozen West Falmouth Harbor.PHOTO COURTESY PETER COOK - Pier ice in West Falmouth Harbor.PHOTO COURTESY ROBERTA SOKOL - Geese on the icePHOTO COURTESY PHOEBE B. LAMBERT - PHOTO COURTESY ROBERTA SOKOL - Ducks in the marshPHOTO COURTESY ROBERTA SOKOL - Geese on the ice

We would like to thank all of our readers who submitted photos to our 2014 Winter Photo Contest.

With so many great submissions it was difficult to choose just one winner, but after much deliberation we have chosen Lisa Jo Rudy's "Marooned in Sea Ice" taken at Quissett Harbor in Falmouth. 


With so many great submissions we would like to mention a few others that were also noteworthy and made our decision so difficult. "Frost on Window'" by Milt Williamson, "Ducks at the Maravista Boat Ramp" by Jamie Woodward and "Monument Beach Sunset" by Kimberly Fernandes. 

We hope that you will take a moment to look through all of the wonderful photos submitted for the contest and we hope you enjoy them as much as we have. The next contest will be announced soon. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for details.



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