Car Break-Ins Reported At Sandwich Conservation Areas

As the good weather returns this spring and more people return to their exercise routines of walking and running on trails and public conservation lands, they are cautioned by police not to leave any valuables worth stealing in their locked or unlocked cars at these locations.

Sandwich police are investigating two incidents of car break-ins near walking trails that occurred last week.

On Tuesday, March 25, a trio of friends called police from the Ryder Conservation Lands’ parking lot at 4:41 PM to say that one of their cars had been broken into while they were out for a walk.

Police said the three friends met at the parking lot entrance to the walking trails off Cotuit Road. One of the friends locked her purse inside her car. When they returned to the parking lot at the end of their walk, the car windows were smashed in and the handbag was gone. The woman's keys, wallet and passport were in the handbag.


Police did say that they have a person of interest that they would like to interview regarding the matter. This person may be a possible witness. The police report stated that the friends only saw one other person walking in the area that afternoon. They described the person as a 5-foot, 9-inches tall man with long black hair, possibly styled into dreadlocks. The man was wearing a dark coat and was walking a large breed of dog that looked like a rottweiler and Saint Bernard mix. The friends reported seeing the man and his dog pull into the parking lot after them and he was still in the parking area when they started walking. The man and his dog arrived in a blue truck.

Another car break-in was reported by a dog walker on Sunday, March 23, at the Boyden Farms Conservation Lands off Cotuit Road. Her purse, hidden under a blanket and being guarded by her older dog, was stolen out of the unlocked car. She lost a large amount of cash and all of her debit and credit cards in that incident.


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