Car Crash Closes Sandwich Library

A car crash in the parking lot of the Sandwich Public Library Friday morning, July 11, damaged the building’s electrical system, forcing the library to close until at least early next week.

The crash was reported at 10 AM.


Sandwich Fire Department Lieutenant Sean S. Butler said the vehicle crashed into a large green electrical transformer set in the grass at the edge of the lot, pushing it several feet and knocking out power to the library but not before sending an electrical surge into the building.

The surge, Lt. Butler said, shorted out a motor in the building’s heating and ventilation system.

The library was open at the time of the crash but no one was hurt, including the driver, he said.

A notice sent out by the town shortly after the crash said the library would be closed at least until Tuesday.

Lt. Butler said the transformer was so damaged that NStar will have to replace the entire unit.


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