DNA Match Eludes Authorities In Case Of Sandwich Town Neck Torso

For investigators trying to identify a headless, limbless torso found June 4 at Town Neck Beach, the good news is that they have a perfect DNA profile from the remains.

The bad news is that the profile has yet to match any profile in the available DNA databases, according to Cape & Islands district attorney Michael D. O’Keefe.

Mr. O’Keefe said yesterday that the office continues to pursue additional avenues to help identify the deceased man, whose torso was found strapped to a two-wheeled dolly and wrapped in a tarp and plastic garbage bags next to the Town Neck Beach parking lot.


To bring in evidence more quickly, Mr. O’Keefe said, the district attorney’s office is paying for a private forensic laboratory to give a more precise reading of the man’s ethnicity. He anticipates he will learn those results about July 28.

The district attorney also plans to meet next week with a forensic anthropologist who can give investigators a better sense of the dead man’s age.

Mr. O’Keefe, who already has held one press conference to describe the body and to appeal to the public for tips, anticipates holding another one once the more recent findings have been compiled.

So far, investigators believe that the man was African-American, stood 5-foot-10 to six feet in height, and weighed from 220 to 230 pounds. They said he showed no sign of natural disease, but had a surgical scar, measuring three to four inches, in his abdominal area.

The victim was wearing a promotional T-shirt put out about six to eight years ago by Cranston Windustrial, a company based in Rhode Island. The shirt carries the motto, “I Got Serviced.”

Investigators also have been reviewing missing person reports, but have yet to find any promising candidates.

Mr. O’Keefe asks that anyone who witnessed any unusual activity in the vicinity of Town Neck Beach between June 4 and 6, or who recalls an individual wearing that T-shirt to get in touch with police at 508-790-5799.


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