Dog Accused Of Attack Moved Off Cape

The dog that bit the woman Sunday was held in quarantine this week while the incident was investigated.COURTESY DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES - The dog that bit the woman Sunday was held in quarantine this week while the incident was investigated.

A dog that mangled the lip of a 43-year-old woman last Saturday evening in East Sandwich has been moved off-Cape to its original foster home.

In a further development, a Sandwich animal control officer is set to interview the victim of the attack, who was released Wednesday from South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth.

David J. DeConto, the town’s assistant animal control director, said yesterday that the town, which quarantined the animal at the Animal Inn in Forestdale following the attack, likely will take no further action against the dog itself.

Mr. DeConto said the victim may decide to pursue a civil lawsuit against the then-owner of the dog, who has yet to be identified.


He said the situation would have been different had the town determined that the dog, a pit bull-boxer mix, had a history of attacking people or other animals.
But he said the town had found no evidence of prior attacks by the dog.

At the time of the incident, the woman was visiting a friend at 68 Salt Marsh Road. The friend and a co-worker, who owned the dog, were working and staying at the residence.

Police reported that the woman put her face near the dog’s face, requesting a kiss, but that the dog proceeded to bite her lower lip off.

Whether the woman’s injury was that severe, however, subsequently became a subject for dispute. Mr. DeConto said yesterday he anticipates that the town’s final report on the incident will clarify what happened as well as the severity of the injury.

In a press release, Sandwich Police Lieutenant David J. Guillemette reported that police and Sandwich Fire Department responded at 6:21 PM last Saturday to the incident.

Deputy Fire Chief Thomas A. Corriveau said that his personnel did not encounter the dog when they arrived at the home, but worked fast to find the best treatment options for the victim whose facial wound was bleeding heavily.

Lt. Guillemette said the then-owner of the dog was frantic when police arrived, and already had confined the animal to a cage.

Two Sandwich paramedics and an emergency medical technician attended the woman and kept her stable until they reached the trauma unit in South Weymouth.
Sandwich animal control officers were called to the residence following the attack and took possession of the dog.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a pit bull is a type of terrier bred as a working dog specifically to help hunters bring down large game.

The association states that “pit bull” does not describe a single breed of dog.

If a pit bull does bite, the ASPCA reports, the animal is far more likely than other breeds to inflict serious injuries, simply because of the dog’s size and strength.


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