Golden Triangle: Sandwich Seeks More Information On Competing Proposals

A businessman and a joint partnership have responded with competing plans to the Town of Sandwich’s request for proposals for the development of 56 acres of town-owned land in South Sandwich.

But neither proposal is going to get off the ground if their respective backers fail to provide the town with more information by a July 21 deadline.

The town land is in a section of South Sandwich commonly referred to as the “Golden Triangle.”

In letters dated July 3, Sandwich town manager George H. Dunham notified both Thomas Tsakalos of the Tsakalos Realty Trust and Robert P. Clark of the joint partnership that the town needs clarification on aspects of the respective proposals before proceeding for further review.


“If these responses are not received by that date, it is possible your proposal will be deemed non-responsive and will not be able to be considered,” Mr. Dunham wrote.

In the letters, the town manager further notified each entity that the requests for more information were made to fulfill the requirements of the request for proposals and to meet public procurement laws and were not subjective.

Both Kevin Kirrane, a Mashpee attorney who represents the trust, and Mr. Clark of the joint partnership said July 10 that they will provide the town with answers and information by the July 21 deadline.

In its June 16 response to the town, the Tsakalos trust proposed a smaller version of a mixed-use development proposal previously submitted to the town.

The trust has offered to buy 16.75 acres of the town-owned land for $1,088,750, but with the contingency that the town prohibit competing uses on the remainder of the tract.

In contrast, the joint partnership has proposed the creation of an extensive destination sports complex that would include a fieldhouse, two hotels and a number of playing fields.

The partnership consists of Mr. Clark of Clark Consulting LLC of Falmouth; the Dan Duquette Sports Academy, which is headed by Daniel P. Duquette, former general manager of the Boston Red Sox and now executive vice president of the Baltimore Orioles; Boston Global Investors, headed by John B. Hynes III; and NRG Energy Inc., owner of the canal electric power plant and the largest taxpayer in Sandwich.

Yesterday, Mr. Clark said that retired hockey star Christopher E. Drury and Mr. Drury’s father-in-law, longtime Boston restaurateur Mark Manning, have joined the partnership.

The partnership would pay $750,000 for the entire 56-acre tract, along with making a nonrefundable $150,000 donation to the Sandwich Economic Initiative Corporation, a nonprofit organization whose stated goal is to improve the town’s economy.

The partnership identifies development of the 56-acre tract as the first phase of a three-phase plan that would include construction of an Olympic-size pool next to the Cape Cod Canal and construction of more fields at the Sandwich Industrial Park.

In the letter to Mr. Tsakalos, Mr. Dunham notified him that, in accordance with public procurement laws, the price proposal form included in the request for proposals cannot be modified with contingencies.

The trust included four contingencies, including the non-compete stipulation.

“Are you willing to drop the contingencies you specified on the price proposal form?” Mr. Dunham asked. “If not, your proposal will be deemed non-responsive and the town will not be able to consider the proposal TRT submitted.”

The town manager further notified Mr. Tsakalos about the need to provide information about the proposed financing of the project, which the town deemed critical.

In the letter to Mr. Clark of the joint partnership, Mr. Dunham notified him about the need to provide information about the proposed financing of the project, which the town deemed critical.

In addition, the town manager:

—Called on Mr. Clark to identify the permit strategy that the joint partnership plans to follow.

—Requested him to provide information about how the joint partnership intends to meet the needs of the Pop Warner football program, which plays on a field in the town tract, given that the joint partnership intends to develop the entire parcel.

—Called on Mr. Clark to outline how the joint partnership’s proposal would affect municipal infrastructure and how those changes would be paid, including whether the partnership intends the town to pay for any of it.

In the letters, Mr. Dunham said town officials also have other questions and issues they would like to discuss with each entity, but must get the stated questions answered first.

The deadline for response is 4:30 PM on Monday, July 21.


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