Man Arrested After Breaking Onto Power Plant Property

Police arrested a South Dennis man at the NRG canal power plant August 5 after employees saw him attempting to enter the plant from the back gate.

Police responded to the power plant at 5:09 PM and after a brief search, located Eric Unger, 45, of South Dennis at his vehicle, which was parked a short way from the plant. He told police that he had been fishing in the basin behind the plant and later told the K9 officer that he had been looking for deer.

Due to recent thefts from the power plant yard, a surveillance camera had been installed by the back of the building. It was determined that when Mr. Unger noticed the camera, he cut it down, removed the memory card, and tossed the memory card into the woods. Both of these items were retrieved.


Upon searching Mr. Unger, police found that he was in possession of pills that he did not have a prescription for, as well as a hacksaw. A review of the contents of the memory card showed Mr. Unger using the saw to allow himself entry to the power plant.

Mr. Unger was arrested and has been charged with wantonly injuring real or personal property, possession of a Class B drug, possession of a burglarious instrument, trespass with a motor vehicle, and trespass, and larceny under $250.

Because the incident occurred at a power plant, Homeland Security was advised and will also be investigating this incident.


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