Police say man suffered medical emergency before crashing truck into other vehicle, tree on Route 130

Police believe a 72-year-old Sandwich man was suffering from some kind of medical emergency when he crashed his 2005 GMC Envoy into the back of another vehicle on Route 130 Friday evening and then, a bit further down the road, into a tree.

The man, who was not identified by police, told investigators that he had no recollection of either collision and was not sure where he was coming from or where he was heading to.

Police first learned of the incidents when a caller reported that the Envoy had crashed into a tree on Route 130 at 6:28 PM.


When police said when they arrived, they found the truck against the tree. The truck had heavy front-end damage. The police report states that there were no skid marks in the road.

While on that scene, police learned that the same truck had earlier crashed into the rear of a vehicle at the corner of Route 130 and Jan Sebastian Drive.

No one was injured in either crash, however paramedics took the man to Cape Cod Hospital for medical evaluation.


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