Sandwich Considers Limiting Size Of Boat Engines On Peters Pond

Limiting the size of boat engines on Peters Pond will be among the topics discussed at a public meeting set for 7 PM Wednesday, October 30, at 270 Quaker Meetinghouse Road.

The meeting will be held to review and take comments on proposed revisions to Sandwich’s boat operations and use of waterways bylaw, according to the town’s director of natural resources, Mark S. Galkowski.

The revisions are slated to come before the November 18 Special Town Meeting.

The revisions would include limiting the size of boat engines on Peters Pond to 150 horsepower.

At present, Mr. Galkowski told the selectmen at their meeting last Thursday night, the town bylaw does not regulate Peters Pond. Boats with more than 150 horsepower operating on the pond could continue to operate under a three-year grandfather clause.

The proposed revisions also would limit the speed of boats on navigable waterways in Sandwich, including freshwater ponds and the Old Harbor estuary.

The department of natural resources can be reached at 508-833-8054.


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