Sandwich Man Arrested For Multiple Charges

A Sandwich man was arrested twice in four days last week: the first on Tuesday, April 8, for malicious destruction of property and the second on Friday for drunk driving (his fourth such offense) and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Police were called to the corner of Jarves and Church streets Tuesday at 1:44 PM.

The police report stated, the man, 57-year-old James Murray of Church Street, was upset with railroad work crews, there to work on the railroad crossing, for parking in front of his property.


While a member of the work crew was sitting in his car, Mr. Murray walked over with a screwdriver and dug a long deep scratch all along the side of the vehicle. Police were called to the scene and found Mr. Murray with the screwdriver in his pocket and arrested him.

On Friday, April 11, at 1:39 PM, a witness reportedly saw Mr. Murray on nearby Boardwalk Road providing nips of alcohol to high school students from his 1997 gray Ford F250.

A patrolman spotted the truck driving and attempted to stop Mr. Murray. The police report stated that he did not stop for police but continued on to his residence on Church Street.

When Mr. Murray got out of the vehicle, the patrolman ordered him to get back into the truck.

Police said Mr. Murray shouted obscenities and let his dog out of the vehicle.

The dog came at the patrolman, who needed to use his car door to block the animal.

According to the police report, Mr. Murray refused to follow any of the patrolman’s commands and continued to shout, “Shoot it, shoot me,” followed by more obscenities and threatening gestures.

The patrolman called for backup and got his Taser ready.

Police were able to arrest Mr. Murray after a brief struggle, during which he kicked one of the patrolmen.

The report states that the Taser was not used during the arrest.

Mr. Murray has been charged with malicious destruction of property over $250, drunk driving, failure to stop for police, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Correction (4/14/14 3:45PM): Changed "came out of his house" to  "walked over" in the third paragraph


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