Sandwich Voters Return Incumbents To School Board

Nancy Crossman and Marie KangasGENE MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - Nancy Crossman and Marie Kangas

When the polls closed last night, it proved to be ladies night in the election for the two available seats on the Sandwich school committee. Sandwich voters returned incumbents Nancy A. Crossman and Marie A. Kangas to the school board. Sean P. Rausch came in a close third.

Ms. Crossman was the top vote-getter, receiving 1,061 of the votes cast. Ms. Kangas received 854 votes, while Mr. Rausch earned 794 votes.

Town Clerk Taylor D. White said voter turnout for this year’s town election was low --one of the lowest he’s ever seen. He said that results showed only 11.2 percent of the town’s 15,635 registered voters went to the polls.

Ms. Crossman said that while the turnout was disappointing, she was “honored for the support” she received, and thrilled with the results.

Ms. Crossman won in each of the town’s six precincts. Ms. Kangas came in second to Ms. Crossman in all but two precincts. Mr. Rausch finished in second place in Precincts 1 and 6. Ms. Kangas and Mr. Rausch tied in Precinct 2 with 206 votes apiece.

Ms. Crossman’s largest margin of victory was in Precinct 3, where she outdistanced Mr. Rausch by 69 votes.

“We have a lot to do as a committee, and it will be good to have the continuity on the subcommittees that we have built over the past several years,” she said, noting that given the results of the election, the school board’s subcommittees will remain intact.

Ms. Crossman also said that she is looking forward to continuing her work as chairman of the board’s policies subcommittee. She said that the subcommittee recently revised the school district’s policy on the use of school facilities, and under the new policy, groups that have not been paying for the use of buildings and fields will soon have to pay their fair share. She said that the committee plans to meet with those groups soon to let them know about the change in policy and why it was made.

“We’re just trying to be fair,” she said.

Ms. Kangas said that she is “so happy” and very excited to be involved with the school committee for another three years.

“I want to see us continue to move forward as a school district,” she said, mentioning that she believed the district is moving in the right direction under the guidance of Schools Superintendent C. Richard Canfield.

She said that she is particularly looking forward to addressing the issue of declining enrollment in the Sandwich schools, especially at the high school.

“That is one of my goals,” she said last night.

Following last night’s outcome, Mr. Rausch said that he was honored for the support he received during his campaign, and he does not see himself done with elective office.

Mr. Rausch took in stride his second defeat at seeking public office in as many tries.
Last fall, he ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the board of selectmen. He said that while he is not sure which office he might run for, he definitely sees another election in his future.

“We ran a good race, and I’m proud of what we did, but the people have spoken, and now I look forward to whatever the future holds for me,” he said.

In other election news, voters rejected the Proposition 2 ½ debt exclusion for the proposed joint public safety building 1,122 to 458. This vote however did not matter since Town Meeting turned the project down Tuesday night. The proposal needed to win both votes to proceed.

Susan R. James was the top vote-getter in the uncontested selectmen’s race for two seats. She topped incumbent selectman Ralph A. Vitacco 1,149 to 1,060.


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