Traditional Voter Access Returns At Forestdale, Oak Ridge Schools

Reacting to problems that arose in voting arrangements at the May Annual Town Election at the Forestdale and Oak Ridge schools, the Sandwich town clerk’s office is reinstituting the traditional arrangements.

Starting with the state primary scheduled from 7 AM to 8 PM Tuesday, September 9, voters again will be allowed to park close to the schools and use their main entrances.

In a statement issued last week, town clerk Taylor D. White stated, “I want to apologize to voters who found it problematic to gain access to the polls at the Annual Town Election in May, due to changes that were made.

“These changes were originally implemented to streamline and isolate the election process on school grounds for safety reasons,” Mr. White stated. “It was clear that these changes did not work, and I am pleased we are able to return to the normal method of voting.”


The town clerk said his office and the Sandwich school department had reached an agreement to increase security at the two schools in the elections going forward. In particular, police will be shifted into the main foyers of the schools to better ensure student safety.

“I believe we have addressed security issues while also allowing voters ease of access to the polls,” Mr. White stated.

Residents of Precincts Three and Four vote at Oak Ridge School at 260 Quaker Meetinghouse Road. Residents of Precincts Five and Six vote at Forestdale School at 151 Route 130.

No changes are planned for the Henry T. Wing School at 33 Water Street, where residents from Precincts One and Two vote. Most voters again will enter the school through its central entrance that is closest to the gymnasium, where the polls are located. Handicapped access is available at the school’s main entrance.


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