Woman Charged With Assault After Incident With Cars In Sandwich

An Eastham woman is facing assault and battery charges after she intentionally drove her car into the back of her former boyfriend’s car, police said.

On Sunday, June 8, at 3:27 PM, police responded to the scene of a domestic dispute on Stowe Road in Sandwich. Upon arrival, Sandwich Police patrolmen Phillip Anderson and John Manley observed two heavily damaged vehicles. One of the vehicles had sustained front-end damage and the other, rear-end damage, police said.

As the officers investigated the incident, they discovered that Gladys O. Valerio, 24, of Eastham had driven her car into the back of her former boyfriend’s car. Ms. Valerio then proceeded to assault the woman who was a passenger in the man’s car, police said.


Further investigation determined that Ms. Valerio had her children, ages 2 and 4, in her car at the time of the incident, resulting in additional charges of child endangerment, police said. The children were examined by paramedics and found to be unharmed. The incident was reported to the state Department of Children and Families, police said.

Ms. Valerio was arrested and charged with four counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (motor vehicle), assault and battery, and two counts of child endangerment to a child under 18. She was held on $250 cash bail.


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