Big Come From Behind Win For Sandwich Boys' Basketball

Hank O'Brien goes up and over a Marshfield defender in Tuesday's come-from-behind victory for the Blue Knights.DAN CROWLEY/ENTERPRISE - Hank O'Brien goes up and over a Marshfield defender in Tuesday's come-from-behind victory for the Blue Knights.

The Blue Knights trailed visiting Marshfield 38-24 at halftime Tuesday night, but outscored the Rams 24-12 in the third quarter, matching their first half production, to cut a 14 point-lead to just two points. The Knights then got down to business in the fourth quarter, posting a huge come-from-behind, 72-69 win.

“It was a great comeback,” coach Dennis Green said after the game. “We changed up the defense and got a man in the face of their shooters.”

Marshfield hit seven 3-pointers in the first half and was hitting their open shots. In the first half, the Knights did not hit any of their 3-point attempts.

Marshfield pulled out to a quick 9-0 lead to open the game, but Sandwich cut the lead to one point, with 2:28 left in the quarter on a dish from Downes to Stanton, who banked the ball in off the glass. MHS edged ahead, but Will Bennett hit Andrew Galanek on a drive to the hoop and Galanek hit to tie the game at 14-14.

A free throw in the final seconds gave the Rams a one-point lead at the end of the first.


Nick Coffran drained a 3-pointer to open the second quarter, but Stanton answered with back-to-back layups. Marshfield hit two more 3-pointers midway through the quarter and added another down the stretch. Stanton knocked one in off the backboard off a pass from Scotty Reels and then banked in another with 1:46 to play. He then set up Downes for a charge to the basket, but the seventh 3-pointer by the Rams came with three seconds left, to give Marshfield a 38-24 lead.

The Knights began to fight their way back in the third with Stanton and Hank O’Brien crashing the boards and finding open shots. O’Brien, who had two first-half rebounds, matched that in the first two minutes of the third quarter. Stanton picked up six quick points, but the Rams still held an eight-point lead midway through the quarter.

Stanton and O’Brien continued to produce inside, then with 1:44 left in the third Downes unloaded a big 3-pointer. A minute later he sank another off a dish from Jack Condon as the Knights wrapped up the third, having cut the MHS lead from 14 to just two points at 50-48.

Marshfield pulled ahead by four points to open the fourth, but Downes hit them with a 3-pointer from out in front to cut the lead to one. O’Brien then banked a shot in from underneath to give the Knights their first lead of the night with 6:16 to play in the game. Reels added to the lead with a 3-pointer off a kick-back pass from O’Brien and then Stanton and O’Brien both did a nice job getting inside on the Rams as they built the lead to 62-59

Marshfield clawed back to tie the game at 63-63 with 1:19 to play, but Downes put a move on the defense and walked in for a lay-up. The Knights then forced a turnover and Reels took the ball and sank a 3-pointer as Sandwich pulled out to a 68-63 lead with 35 seconds on the clock.

Downes went to the line twice in the final seconds and went 4-for-4. The Rams hit two more 3-pointers in the final seven seconds, but ran out of time.

“Stanton did an outstanding job for us,” coach Green said, “and Joey’s second-half shooting really helped us out. I can’t say enough about Jack Condon’s defense and I thought Andrew Galanek and Scotty Reels both had a great second half.

Downes led all scorers with 27 points, including three 3-pointers. Stanton has 23 points and nine rebounds and O’Brien added a dozen points and eight rebounds, with six of them in the second half. Reels finished with six points and three rebounds.


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