Comeback Season For Falmouth Freshman Boys' Hoop

 Starting the season out 1-6, the Falmouth High freshmen basketball team was not headed in the direction it had hoped to be. Then they got to Sandwich to play an undefeated team, and everything finally seemed to click. “We played our best game of the season,” Coach Joe Morency recalled, of his team’s contest. “That started the turnaround.”

The turnaround that the frosh Clippers made was remarkable. After beginning by losing their first three games, and suffering six losses in seven games, the youngsters rallied to finish the year at 8-8, as they posted a 7-2 record to close the year out. They also avenged all of their previous losses in the second half of the season.

“They started to get it. They started to understand the offense better, and things began to work,” Morency said.
Coach Morency is the co-head coach of the team. Terry Rogers also serves as co-head coach as well.

Defense has always been stressed throughout the Falmouth High basketball program, from top to bottom, and the freshmen team put its focus there first. “We played great man defense and great help D,” Morency said. “We forced a lot of outside shots.”

Falmouth had a solid backcourt throughout the year. The troika of Isaiah Reid, Jack Koss and Tyler Brown made up a three-man rotation that saw most of the backcourt time, splitting between point and shooting guard responsibilities. Reid loves the game of basketball and grew up with an older brother, Damien, who came through the FHS system. “He’ll be good. He definitely has some talent, and he likes to play. He had a good year,” Morency said.

Koss had a multifaceted offensive game. “He has very good handle with the ball, and he’s a shooter,” the coach said.
Brown was reliable in all phases of the game. “He can do a little bit of everything,” Morency said. “All three of those kids are balanced players, they dribble, drive and shoot.”

Backup guards included Gabe Bello and Nate Lane. Bello has a strong understanding of the game, and what he’s supposed to do. Lane is coming along, with this being his first-ever season of organized ball. “Both of them got better as the season progressed,” the coach said.

Jordan Oliveira, Jake Campbell and Bailey Rapp all saw time in the back court too. Oliveira developed as a point guard late in the year, and is “very coachable.” Campbell was one of the team’s better defenders. “He’s a shut down defender. He has a great work ethic. He’s the best defender on the team,” Morency said. Rapp missed a good portion of the season with an illness. When he was out there, he gave FHS a knockdown threat from the outside. “He was a zone-buster,” Morency said.

Up front, the FHS freshman team had a talented group of players. Jacob Oliveira worked as a swing man, and also saw time at both the power forward spot and center. “He went anywhere we needed him. He has long arms, plays good D and can score,” the coach said.

Emmett Kelliher came off the bench as the team’s sixth man and impressed with his “non-stop motor.” “He was the heart and soul of our team,” Morency said. “He’s an old school kid, a real gamer.”

Mark Frye was one of the team’s top scorers. A starter at the power forward spot, Frye played big and physical and was able to get the ball in the basket. “He’s a real nice kid, but he just turned into a different person at game-time, all business.”

Leo D’Oliveira is known as “Big Leo” by most, and there’s a reason. The freshman center is 6-6, and still growing. He averaged about 10 points per game in the second half of the season and has come a long way, despite being very new to the game. He excelled on the glass and has a promising future.

Brent Taft provided leadership for the team through his work ethic. A backup forward, he has a great knowledge of the game and is improving.

With a talented group, Morency feels that the future of the FHS program is looking good with this group ascending. “We’ve got some players, and they love the game,” he said.


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