Falmouth Residents Win Two Of Three Super Swim Races

Jarrett Jones, 16, of Falmouth won the three-mile event at Mashpee’s 26th annual Super Swim race on June 21. - Jarrett Jones, 16, of Falmouth won the three-mile event at Mashpee’s 26th annual Super Swim race on June 21.

Mashpee’s 26th annual Super Swim race was held at John’s Pond in Mashpee on Saturday, June 26, with three events. Falmouth residents dominated, winning two of the three races.

Jarrett Jones, 16, came out of the water after just more than hour had passed in the three-mile event as the winner of  the race. The East Falmouth resident, who is the owner of 13 Cape Cod Swim Club records and one of the best swimmers in New England, finished the race in 1 hour, 0.8 seconds.

Patty White, 54, of North Falmouth, was the 39th overall finisher in that race. She finished in 1:26:57.8. White placed 22nd overall in her division.

Ed O’Brien, 49, of East Falmouth placed 57th, finishing in 1:43:31.8. Lizzie Feldman-Demel, 15, also participated but was disqualified.


The half-mile race was also won by a Falmouth resident. Max Gorrell, 11, of North Falmouth swam the course in  18:06.6 to earn the victory. Angus Zuwallack, 12, of East Falmouth finished third in 19:00.9. Karol Grato, 46, of East Falmouth placed seventh overall, fourth among females with a time of 21:54.9.

Dianan Cowan, 33, of East Falmouth swam to a 19th-place finish. She was fourth in her division and completed the race in 31:58.5. Trina Bellinger, 41, of Falmouth was 24th, finishing in 32:57.9.

The top local finisher in the mile race was Bridget Birmingham, 15, of Falmouth. She was the fourth female to finish, completing the race in 23:10. Tyler Jones, 14, of East Falmouth placed 22nd overall with a time of 23:44.2. Molly Sykes, also 14, was 24th. The Falmouth resident placed seventh in her division with a time of 23:46.6.

Francesca Pucillo, 13, of Falmouth was 30th in 24:35.8. She placed ninth in her division. Sara Goulart, 13, of Falmouth swam to a 45th-place finish in 28:51. Alyssa Catalano, 27, of Falmouth placed 47th in 29:05.9. Helen Sievert, 12, of East Falmouth swam 29:17.2 and finished 51st. Mini Feldman-Demel, 18, of Falmouth, was 72nd with a time of 33:08.6.
Julia Keeling, 12, of East Falmouth placed 76th. She finished in 34:49.3. Robert Catalano, 60, of North Falmouth placed 78th. He finished in 35:25.3. Michael Goldring of Woods Hole was 82nd overall in 39:11.17.


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