Late Mistake Proves Costly For United In Loss To D-Y

Fabiano Andrade fires a free kick at the D-Y net. The shot beat the keeper to his left for Falmouth's first goal.RICH MACLONE/ENTERPRISE - Fabiano Andrade fires a free kick at the D-Y net. The shot beat the keeper to his left for Falmouth's first goal.

A critical mistake at the worst possible time cost Falmouth United dearly on Wednesday night. A defensive error, which led to an indirect kick from point blank range, nullified a superb late-game effort by United as they dropped a 3-2 decision to their rivals from Dennis-Yarmouth.

Throughout the contest, Celtic had pressured the Falmouth midfield and defense aggressively. With time waning, the team’s last trip up the field resulted in a loose ball dangerously close to the net. Fullback Silva Filipe Adriano turned away from the onslaught to play the ball and skipped it back to his keeper, Renato Melo. Unfortunately, Adriano put a bit too much mustard on his pass back to the keeper, which forced Melo to make a save, and use his hands to do so.

The rules of soccer do not allow a goalkeeper to play a ball with his hands that came directly from a teammate. He may only use his hands to defend a shot by the opposition.

Dennis-Yarmouth was awarded an indirect kick, from about 10 yards in front of the net, and they cashed in the game-winner with less than two minutes to play as Bide Colho snapped one over the United wall and past Melo, to the lunging keeper’s right.

Melo fell on the proverbial sword after the game, claiming responsibility. “You always have a choice,” he said in regard to playing the ball with his hands. In the keeper’s defense, Filipe Adriano probably should have taken the ball wide, or booted it out of bounds, rather than dangerously play it back to his goaltender in that situation.

United had rallied back from a 2-1 deficit just 10 minutes earlier, and looked to be the better team for most of the latter stages of the second half. Goals by Newton Jordeano and Tomas Silva, four minutes apart, early in the second half had put the visitors on top.

United turned it on with about 15 minutes to go, and finally got the equalizer off of a corner kick with 12 minutes to go in the game. Outside halfback Matt Flynn served the ball off the right wing corner flag and laid out a perfect ball to the far side. Fullback Nathan Peterson sprinted to the ball and met with a superb header, sending the ball back across the grain to the far post to knot things up at 2-2.


Two minutes after that, United came painfully close to grabbing the lead. Still on the attack, Falmouth earned a throw-in deep in D-Y territory. Scott Matoian unloaded a heave to the middle of the box where Filipe Adriano came down with it, after the ball had been boxed around a bit. The Falmouth defender got a solid right foot on the ball, but it headed into traffic and was deflected out of harm’s way.

United also had one last chance following the go-ahead goal in the final moments. The physical, and grabby, Celtic squad was called for a foul about 35 yards out from their own net. Peterson lined one over the top of the defense to the front of the net where the ball appeared to be deflected by Tom Delmont, just wide of the cage.

In the first half, Celtic carried much of the play as they dominated the action in the midfield and prevented United from gaining much traction with the ball.


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