SHS Athlete Downes Takes A Shot For Life

Sandwich High School senior Joey Downes finished second in the 2014 Shot For Life Challenge, held on Saturday, August 2, at the University Sports Complex in Hanover. The event raises money for cancer research.

To be eligible a player must be 18 or younger and be in high school. Participant selection is based upon their performance during the previous high school basketball season. The top 16 shooters go head-to-head for two hours to raise funds for cancer research, shooting from various positions on the floor.

Downes hit 83 percent of his shots (1,280 for 1,528). The boys’ division was won by Westwood’s Paul Calobrisi who shot 87.7 percent. The girls’ division was won by Walpole’s Kelly Fogarty who shot 86.7 percent.


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